Startup Visa Program

Startup Visa Program

Startup Visa program is designed to attract high-quality companies and talent from all over the world to Canada. Qualified candidates can obtain Work Permit to work on their startup in Canada and the Permanent Residency of Canada.

At EdgeCollab, we are committed to the mission of this program and as a firm founded by immigrants, we are proud that we have facilitated the transition of over 15 of high-potential businesses to Canada.

If you have an innovative idea that you want to bring to Canada, here’s what we can help you with:

  1. Comprehensive market research
  2. Feasibility study for the North American market
  3. Canadianization of the technology
  4. Helping with preparing your Canadian business plan
  5. Assisting you with submitting your company to a designated entity to obtain your Letter of Support (LOS)

We have worked with a number of the listed designated accelerator programs, angel networks and venture capital firms listed on the government website and we can help you choose the right one so you can get the support you need when you arrive here in Canada.

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