Critical Business Documents to Start, Operate, and Expand

Business Documentation Services

Record information vital for your business to run properly and grow sustainably

RocketGear is a team of business and design professionals that provides comprehensive roadmap services to generate high-quality documents for businesses in different industries and stages. We work closely with executives to investigate and research the essential core of their business, draft a first version of the essential documents, and revise it until the final version is handed over.

Our goal is to help businesses make changes in their operations and equip them with crucial documents such as business strategies, business plans, investor pitch decks, timelines, and funding opportunities. Take a powerful step towards your goals with our robust plans and strategies, crafted by experienced writers and entrepreneurs.

A View of EdgeCollab Services

Reach Your Full Potential

EdgeCollab is the place for ideas to nurture and grow your business

Business Transformation

Expert and experienced entrepreneurs investigate your problems and challenges and provide you with robust solutions to achieve your goals

Product Development

Our strong resources of multi-skilled product development teams from manufacturing to software experts convert your conceptual ideas into tangible real-world solutions

Business Counseling

We help you to identify, address, and overcome obstacles to meeting a company's goals with our strategic counselors and specialists in funding, legal, marketing, etc.

Efficiently Develop and Scale Your Business Idea

We help you build and test new products and services, and understand how new technologies and business models will impact your industry

Other Companies

EdgeCollab is an innovation hub in a network of companies with diverse operational expertise

A startup incubator that provides its entrepreneurs with the right tools and perspectives, together with solutions to the obstacles in their way towards expansion and growth.

NovaDev is a software solution provider company specialized in developing custom web and mobile applications tailored to perfectly fit its clients' business needs and requirements.

A large team of experienced entrepreneurs and many professional software and electronics engineers, who either run digital transformation projects for companies or make contracts with top-tier talents as freelancers for specific projects.

A startup accelerator based in Europe providing services such as access to capital, networking, mentorship, partnerships and digital marketing services to early stage startups.

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