Startup Visa Program Success: How to Give Your Applicants an Edge

Introduction Canada has long been referred to as a land of immigrants. That trend continues today, particularly in the technology sector as immigration plays a key role in attracting the world’s best and brightest minds. In parallel, entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. It’s no surprise that immigrant-led technology startups […]

Start-up Visa

We possess a unique grasp of the core anatomy of the start-up landscape, collectively bringing a mélange of diverse talents with a practical foundation of successful entrepreneurial pursuits.

New Start-Up Visa Court Ruling

Recent federal court ruling on a Start-Up Visa application demonstrated a key fact that was not obvious to a lot of applicants and immigration consultants/ lawyers: Start-Up Visa is not a passive investment program.

Startup Visa Program

At EdgeCollab, we are committed to the mission of this program and as a firm founded by immigrants, we are proud that we have facilitated the transition of over 15 of high-potential businesses to Canada.