Start-up Visa

EdgeCollab Published on Dec 21, 2020
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We possess a unique grasp of the core anatomy of the start-up landscape, collectively bringing a mélange of diverse talents with a practical foundation of successful entrepreneurial pursuits. Through divergent thinking and versatile collaborative dynamics, we confidently lead start-ups from inception and ideation to the commercialization finish line.

Our approach to the start-up visa process systematically lays the groundwork towards a distinctively relevant and efficient application structure, thereby capturing the attention and interest of highly coveted designated entities in the Canadian market. Recognizing the potential capacities of the founding team’s burgeoning skills and unique potentials of the technological applications sets a strong rivaling advantage.

Through creative hacking and an outlook focused on long-term outcomes, our team of experts sets your clients up for success, starting with a Letter of Support and far beyond. Our sector-specific consultants will launch the business into motion natively or on Canadian soil, offering constructive feedback and support every step of the way. Hands-on coaching will bring tangible results, propelling the start-up through critical milestones, executions, and transformations, ensuring product-market-appetite in Canada and North America as a whole.

Having effectively navigated through the rough terrains of entrepreneurial life, our leaders cultivated deeply seeded roots in the Canadian start-up scene. Beyond past experience, members of our founding team keep a finger on the tech pulse with active involvement within Manitoba’s Technology Accelerator (MTA) mentorship program and other Designated Entities. Continuous engagement within the community fosters notable relationships and thus a strategic advantage to put innovative companies in their respective stages of growth in front of relevant incubators, accelerators, and potential partners, customers, angels, and VC’s.

Spearheading initiatives with a results-driven purpose, our team is committed to delivering unparalleled/ value /of the highest standards. This makes us uniquely qualified to build traction and secure commitments from designated entities, to ultimately drive the process forward towards a PR status.

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