New Start-Up Visa Court Ruling

EdgeCollab Published on Dec 7, 2020
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Recent federal court ruling on a Start-Up Visa application demonstrated a key fact that was not obvious to a lot of applicants and immigration consultants/ lawyers: Start-Up Visa is not a passive investment program. The government is looking for genuine business activity and achievement of tangible milestone by the business in order for the applicant to be granted with a Permanent Residency. As we put it simply: a lot of firms’ mindset that put immigration first, Start-Up second does not work.

This new ruling makes it clear that a one-time fee payment to business consultants and designated entities for obtainment of the Letter of Support was never intended to work. Hence why here at EdgeCollab we think differently. We follow the same mindset of our partners at Manitoba Technology Accelerator and provide meaningful on-going support to entrepreneurs to help them achieve some of the goals they set for their business.

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