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Welcome to EdgeCollab, where we specialize in connecting people, expertise, and resources to drive technological innovation and create transformative change. Our mission is to match technology opportunities with the right resources to create success for all involved. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations find the right technology solutions through partnerships, collaborations, and strategic investments. Join us at EdgeCollab and let's work together to make technology work for everyone.

Robust Resources

Our collaborative connections bring together the right people, expertise, and resources to drive technological innovation and create transformative change.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At EdgeCollab, our mission is to match technology opportunities with the right resources, creating success for everyone.

A View of EdgeCollab Services

Reach Your Full Potential

EdgeCollab is the place for ideas to nurture and grow your business

Business Transformation

Expert and experienced entrepreneurs investigate your problems and challenges and provide you with robust solutions to achieve your goals

Product Development

Our strong resources of multi-skilled product development teams from manufacturing to software experts convert your conceptual ideas into tangible real-world solutions

Business Counseling

We help you to identify, address, and overcome obstacles to meeting a company's goals with our strategic counselors and specialists in funding, legal, marketing, etc.

Efficiently Develop and Scale Your Business Idea

We help you build and test new products and services, and understand how new technologies and business models will impact your industry

Group Of Companies

At EdgeCollab, we've divided our capabilities and services into five distinct divisions, each with its own area of expertise, to better tailor solutions for our clients and drive innovation across a range of industries.

NovaDev is a professional software solution provider that offers end-to-end services for custom web and mobile application development, utilizing the latest technologies such as AI and IoT, from idea and concept development to launch and deployment, while expanding clients' teams with highly talented and expert software programmers dedicated to their specific needs.

RocketGear provides businesses at various stages and in different industries with essential document creation and maintenance services, such as business plans, financial models, market research, feasibility studies, pitch decks, and corporate presentations, through a team of entrepreneurs, business advisors, and writers.

EFind is a digital transformation talent recruitment company that helps businesses leverage digital technologies for optimized operations, growth opportunities, and target market expansion through a team of experienced entrepreneurs and professional software and electronics engineers who investigate the clients' needs and revise their business strategies towards incorporating new digital technologies.

DeltaVen provides Canadian opportunities to anyone with a product idea, no matter where they are, through a diverse portfolio spanning Healthcare, Ecommerce, Construction, and Agriculture. Success becomes a part of your journey with DeltaVen as we leverage our close-knit relationships with trusted global technology companies to provide business advocacy.

Mangoven is a leading strategy and transformation consulting firm that delivers profitable growth and a superior ROI for its clients by leveraging the power of their brand in the EU market, specifically the Netherlands and Finland. With a proven track record in these countries working with startups and medium-scale B2B and B2C businesses, we believe we can help our clients tackle their most critical challenges and drive measurable and sustainable results.

We Drive Change

Social Impact

Our approach to innovation is grounded in a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility, empowering individuals to drive change and create a better world.

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Startup Visa Program Success: How to Give Your Applicants an Edge

Introduction Canada has long been referred to as a land of immigrants. That trend continues today, particularly in the technology sector as immigration plays a key role in attracting the world’s best and brightest minds. In parallel, entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. It’s no surprise that immigrant-led technology startups […]

Think like a startup!

Think like a startup!

“We are our choices. Build yourself a great story” from Jeff Bezos. Every person will have their own story so what is yours? Building a start-up is like planting a seed. It would require tireless effort, time, and focus to grow the tree before potentially harvesting its fruits. It might not be the right path […]

6 Business Building Steps for a Successful Digital Health Business

6 Business Building Steps for a Successful Digital Health Business

Digital healthcare continues to boom as consumers demand easy access to healthcare information. Compared to 2018, there are currently twice as many companies that are working to produce digital health solutions. A new research report suggests that the global digital health market is expected to be valued at $220.94 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth of 14.8% […]


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