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Stay ahead of your competition by implementing innovative ideas


Our organization is shaped by the combined influence of our shared passion, vision, and expertise. Explore the individuals, objectives, and narratives that are contributing to the present and future of EdgeCollab.


We truly believe that for societies to thrive, we must hold ourselves accountable for tomorrow. That means creating innovative solutions to the challenges the future will bring. It inspires us to stay curious, act locally, and think internationally.

The EdgeCollab Holding Platform


The aim is to serve as a driving force for entrepreneurship that promotes sustainable excellence, fosters a culture of collaboration across the entire company, and generates a positive economic impact.

Our vision is to enable global entrepreneurship to foster sustainable excellence, promote cross-functional collaboration and support positive economic impact.


Harvesting value

Long-term Sustainability and Impact on Society

Differentiating for competitive advance

Redefining success through optimal results

Unlock the complete potential of every asset

Group of Companies

At EdgeCollab, we've divided our capabilities and services into five distinct divisions, each with its own area of expertise, to better tailor solutions for our clients and drive innovation across a range of industries.

A startup incubator that provides its entrepreneurs with the right tools and perspectives, together with solutions to the obstacles in their way towards expansion and growth.

NovaDev is a software solution provider company specialized in developing custom web and mobile applications tailored to perfectly fit its clients' business needs and requirements.

Rocket Gear is a powerful group of entrepreneurs, advisors, and writers helping business managers at different stages generate essential documents they may need for proper management and operation of their business.

A large team of experienced entrepreneurs and many professional software and electronics engineers, who either run digital transformation projects for companies or make contracts with top-tier talents as freelancers for specific projects.

A startup accelerator based in Europe providing services such as access to capital, networking, mentorship, partnerships and digital marketing services to early stage startups.

We are the next generation providing creative solutions for the business world

The vast area of services that our group is offering

Investment Advisor

Find excellent funding opportunities to boost your growth

Strategic Consulting

Research and analyze issues, identify challenges, find opportunities, and take important decisions

Quality Control

Proper assessment of product and the development process

Talent Recruitment

Get instant access to multi-skilled teams and individuals

Product Development

Build and develop web and mobile applications with cutting edge technologies

Business Operations

Build your business with proper foundation and grow fast