Efficiently Develop and Scale Your Business Idea

We are an end-to-end business and software development company. We specialize in helping our clients to find the fastest and most efficient path to launch successful products.

What is EdgeCollab

EdgeCollab is an innovation hub. A place for ideas to nurture and grow your business.

Accelerator Programs

EdgeCollab has launched Canada’s only accelerator program designed to help global entrepreneurs and companies to come to Canada and launch their businesses here. We are not an old-school accelerator. We help to Canadianize your products and match-make startups with potential buyers and customers.

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Corporate Innovation

We help leaders of business to innovate and look at new technologies to stay ahead of their competition. We act as an external innovation team to build and test new products and services. Our reports help decision makers in corporates to stay ahead of the competition and understand how new technologies and business models will impact their industry.

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Product Development

We take pride in building beautiful products for our customers. We build products around the markets’ needs and use reliable and robust technologies. Our team either merges into internal teams (as a sector-expert) of our customers or take care of the entirety of projects. Also, we provide extensive support to our clients after launch of our product.

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You are a serious company. You deserve a serious solution.

We'll be there from the beginning to the very end of your project's development.

Market Research

Using evidence-based methodologies and working with our network of advisors, physicians, experts, and partners, we can help you to validate your innovative ideas from a clinical and business perspective.

Business Development

We are hands-on. We want to help you to execute your validated business ideas and build sustainable and scalable businesses. We bring our experience, energy and big network to make sure your project is a success.

Software Development

We create robust software solutions for you or to upgrade your current technologies. Our team is expert in a wide range of technologies and we have successfully completed projects in different industries.


Our Innovation Platforms

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What are our experties?

We Care Quality

EdgeCollab was the right strategic choice for Visit Toronto. The company’s creativity and innovation will allow us to continue to Dream Big through our digital marketing program, while sharing the Canada lifestyle through compelling content and an engaging online experience.




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Some of Our Clients

We had the privilege of working with incredible companies during these years.

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Aug 25
How Can a Digital Ecosystem Help Companies Derive More Value?

In this article, we will review how a digital ecosystem business model allows companies to grow their core business, expand their business network, and develop new products and services to generate revenue.

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Jul 24
Promising Opportunities in Canada for International Investors

The Canadian economy is typically known for its reliance upon the nation’s wealth of natural resources and profitable exports like oil, lumber, and auto parts. The services sector, which makes up over 70% of Canada’s GDP, ...

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Covid-19 & Startups
Jul 05
The Great Acceleration Under COVID-19: How Can You Keep Moving Forward?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a monumental impact on industries in every part of the world. While some industries have thrived during the pandemic, others have incurred heavy losses.

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