Start-up Acceleration Services

The EdgeCollab team operates at warp speed to grow your business

We excel at high-velocities

We celebrate entrepreneurs

As a team of entrepreneurs turned consulting experts, we intrinsically understand the drive of entrepreneurship. As such, we know that founders are the secret sauce to materializing any business idea. Investing time and resources into nurturing spirited founders and sharping them into leaders is key to achieving the long-term goals of the business.

We focus on traction

It’s common knowledge that adoption validates a business model. Our team has the unique ability to identify limitations early on and apply this needed foresight to make necessary changes. Iterating elements of the product at a critical time or pivoting the business entirely will fulfill the ultimate goal of identifying product-market-fit and gaining traction.

We identify market trends

Pioneering transformative technology now stands at the forefront of a changing world. We welcome innovation and cutting-edge technologies that resiliently adapt to the trends of the new world during this pivotal time.

We strive to make an impact

It is our belief that technologically forward thinking companies pave the path to a brighter tomorrow. We strive to launch businesses with a growth strategy which integrates meaningful impact into the fabric of its culture in an authentic way, thus achieving accelerated success.

Other Services

Explore the rest of EdgeCollab’s services

We possess a suite of services that help start-ups and businesses alike through the various stages of their lifecycle.

EdgeCollab Start-up Visa Services

Start-up Visa

Offering our knowledge and experience, we are proud to support you through Start-up Visa Program.

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EdgeCollab Market Research Services

Market Research

We help our customers to develop an understanding of the Canadian and North American market.

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EdgeCollab Product Development Services

Product Development

Our team builds software solutions using the state of the art technologies such as IOT, AI, and Blockchain.

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EdgeCollab Business Development Services

Business Development

We tend to help our clients to take their products to the market and accelerate their growth.

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