Product Development Services

The multi-skilled EdgeCollab team transforms conceptual ideas into tangible real-world solutions

It’s all in the execution

We get you to market faster

Agile development tactics and DevOps best practices enable us to deliver a functional MVP to market with no delay. We recognize the importance of first mover advantage and make considerable efforts to bring your client’s product into a leading market position.

We take a customer-centric approach

We put the customer at the center stage of the development process. Our goal is to ensure functionality and product experience directly and effectively solve their needs. The ease-of-use and intuitive nature of the product play a critical role along the development process.

We formulate a roadmap to success

The product roadmap is a mission-critical part of the product development process. Clearly outlining the product vision communicates the how and the why through, acting as a point of reference and a strategic resource along the way.

We are efficient and cost-effective

A drive to protect the bottom-line, generate revenue and build customer loyalty resonates through each step of the product development stages.

Other Services

Explore the rest of EdgeCollab’s services

We possess a suite of services that help start-ups and businesses alike through the various stages of their lifecycle.

EdgeCollab Business Development Services

Business Development

We tend to help our clients to take their products to the market and accelerate their growth.

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EdgeCollab Start-up Acceleration Services

Start-up Acceleration

We invest our time and resources into entrepreneurs that are making an impact on the world.

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EdgeCollab Start-up Visa Services

Start-up Visa

Offering our knowledge and experience, we are proud to support you through Start-up Visa Program.

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EdgeCollab Market Research Services

Market Research

We help our customers to develop an understanding of the Canadian and North American market.

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